Unstoppable Domains x Kazm: The Simplest Member Onboarding Experience

May 2, 2023

Web3 growth tactics have expanded far beyond LooksRare-style airdrops. Web3 brands today must employ both web2 and web3 marketing strategies to unlock community growth and engagement. To do this effectively, unified member data across fragmented touchpoints is crucial.

Kazm’s member onboarding experience offers a solution to unify member identity across platforms. The integration with Unstoppable Domains streamlines the onboarding flow further by allowing members to log in once with their Unstoppable Domain instead of individually connecting accounts.

In this post, we will explore how Kazm integrated the Untoppable Domain login into their onboarding experience. We’ll also walk you through how Unstoppable Domains used the integration for their onboarding campaign and share a step-by-step guide to set up a similar campaign.

The Unstoppable Domains x Kazm Integration

Unstoppable Domains is a web3 domain name provider that mints domains as NFTs. Users can set the domain as their web3 identity to receive crypto payments or log in to web3 apps. They can also link their web2 profiles such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram to their domain, creating a unified profile.

Kazm’s Unstoppable Domains login option uses this unified member data to streamline community onboarding. Members can verify their identity with one Unstoppable Domain login instead of separately connecting multiple social profiles.

With each member login on the Kazm form, Unstoppable Domains shares the linked web2 and web3 profiles to the brand’s Kazm dashboard.

The integration is a win-win - users enjoy a simplified onboarding experience while brands unlock comprehensive member profiles to better understand member behaviors, spot trends, and optimize data-driven growth campaigns.

Unstoppable Domains Reward Campaign with Kazm’s Forms

To highlight the integration, Unstoppable Domains launched a campaign to reward community members with UD discounts.

Users Connect their Unstoppable Domain through Kazm’s form and sign a transaction to complete verification.

Unstoppable Domains’ member onboarding form powered by Kazm
Unstoppable Domain verification

After adding their email and submitting the form, Unstoppable Domains sends the details for the discount code to the user’s email address.

Kazm X Unstoppable Domains Integration Setup Guide

Here’s how to leverage the integration for your own onboarding campaign.

Step 1. Create a form for your campaign.

Step 2. Configure the form by turning on the Unstoppable Domains verification. You can make this step required or optional.

Kazm Unstoppable Domains-integrated form setup

Step 3. Add any other verification steps (Twitter, Discord, Wallet, Instagram, Telegram, Email, Location, etc.) as required or optional.

Step 4. Customize the form with additional Info, Success Message, Actions, and Style for a fully white-labelled experience.

Kazm form success message customization
Kazm form design customization

Step 5. Publish or embed the form and launch your campaign.

Once members join through Kazm’s forms, you can instantly access a data-integrated CRM complete with a member database, audience insights, and community health dashboards.

You can also measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with Kazm’s end-to-end attribution tracking. Using URL parameters to denote your campaigns, Kazm will show your entire conversion funnel from sign up through on-chain purchases or conversions. This full-funnel ROI will provide insights to optimize the right partners and growth channels in the future.

Kazm is integrated with Zapier to allow for easy workflow automations. When a member submits a form, Kazm can send that information into any downstream tooling (like Hubspot, Asana, or Notion) to create contacts, trigger messaging automations, and more.

Kazm’s member database, campaign attribution, and automations

If you want to streamline your member onboarding process with the Unstoppable Domains login, email early@kazm.xyz.

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