The inBetweeners Drip Collection Launch

A case study on Kazm’s member onboarding experience

Jan 4, 2023


The Drip Collection is a new NFT drop from The inBetweeners, designed by GianPiero D'Alessandro, in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD through OpenSea. The team behind The inBetweeners are highly experienced in the NFT space - the original collection achieved massive success as a top 10 collection on OpenSea in December 2021. They knew exactly how important it was to leverage the launch moment to capture critical data they would need later - data to better understand their holders, where they came from, and how effective their marketing campaigns were. They partnered with Kazm to make the most of this launch to:

The Story of The inBetweeners

The inBetweeners NFT bears are designed by GianPiero D'Alessandro and live on the Ethereum blockchain. The first collection of 10,777 unique bears with 150+ attributes was launched in December 2021 with massive success as a top 10 collection on OpenSea.

The Drip Collection

The second collection of GianPiero's designs, The Drip Collection, was created in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and brings 2,000 digital collectibles to life. Each digital collectible is redeemable for physical products reinvented from Dolce & Gabbana’s vault.

Why The inBetweeners Chose Kazm

The combined reach of the socials for inBetweeners, D&G, UNXD, and OpenSea is massive - at 7.3M+. The inBetweeners team knew that they’d have a flurry of activity when they announced the Drip Collection, and wanted to use this as an opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with core members instead of facilitating a one-time transaction.

The timing was perfect - Kazm had recently announced our new onboarding experience complete with end-to-end attribution and unified member data, and the inBetweeners team reached out to get started.

Kazm’s Onboarding Experience

With Kazm, they were able to get a customized onboarding experience that is:

The inBetweeners started by building customized forms in Kazm, including configurations to connect Twitter, Discord, and a wallet. To qualify, users needed to confirm a minimum ETH balance, follow and retweet on Twitter, join their Discord, and provide an email address.

Kazm’s onboarding forms

The inBetweeners then embedded the custom form on their landing page to offer an onboarding experience that represents their brand aesthetic.

inBetweeners landing page with Kazm’s embeddable form

They designed different variations of the form to craft a unique experience for each partner. Kazm keeps track of which members came from which campaign through each form, so inBetweeners can see which partners have the highest return on investment.

Kazm’s white-labeled forms

The inBetweeners then kicked off different campaigns across sources and channels, using Kazm to generate different URL parameters and enable attribution tracking. In this example, source=inBetweeners and medium=Discord will allow them to see how many sign ups came in through their own Discord channel.

inBetweeners Discord campaign

Kazm’s attribution dashboard links wallets to campaigns to capture the full onboarding funnel from Page Views → Form Submissions→ Referrals→  NFT Purchases. The inBetweeners can see which channels, partners, and member referrals lead to the most NFT purchases to optimize future campaigns.

For example, the inBetweeners could see which members came through their Discord campaign and filled out a FULL SEND form or which members came through their Twitter campaign using the DeGods form. They could later see the on-chain events for those same members to answer powerful conversion questions like:

Illustrative data for campaign attribution

The Results

Using Kazm, the inBetweeners launched their much anticipated 2nd collection complete with a highly-tailored and authentic member onboarding experience. They learned which growth channels brought in high-quality members, and gained powerful insights about their audience through unified member profiles. With Kazm’s CRM, the inBetweeners have established an ongoing relationship with their members to power community-led growth and data-driven engagement going forward.

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