Neozen’s Alpha NFT Drop

A case study in building an allowlist with Kazm’s gated forms

Feb 2, 2023


In January 2023, NEOZEN dropped its ALPHA NFT collection for use in the network’s interactive cross-collection gaming platform. The team behind the NEOZEN Network are highly experienced in the space, spanning 12 distinct projects  from both the Ethereum and Flow blockchains. The ALPHA NFTs were minted and stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. A majority of the sale was pre-sold, and the remaining allocation was allow-listed using Kazm’s whitelist application.

NEOZEN partnered with Kazm to make the most of their allow list and:

The Story of The NEOZEN Network

NEOZEN is a cross-collection combat card game built to bridge communities and help unlock the potential of the Web3 landscape. The NEOZEN world encapsulates art, stories, gaming and cooperation to reimagine a new wave of creative engagement.


The ALPHA NFT collection consists of 1,100 hand-drawn, randomly generated NFTs from 200+ individual traits with over 22,000,000 potential trait combinations. The NFTs are made up of various randomly selected traits that specify each character's Faction, Physical Appearance and Gameplay Statistics. Each individual layer is compiled using a weighted code function to specify rarity and composition.

The ALPHA NFT Drop with Kazm

A majority of the sale was pre-sold to early backers, but NEOZEN needed a whitelist tool to allocate the remaining spots. They were looking for a data integrated tool to understand community interactions and award the remaining spots to their most engaged supporters. They chose Kazm to do just that and loved its great user experience and low starting cost (free 💸).

NEOZEN started by building a whitelist form in Kazm. Kazm forms are white-labeled and highly customizable to authentically represent each community.  To be eligible for the whitelist, NEOZEN required those who applied to connect their wallet, follow them on Twitter, and submit the username of their referee.

NEOZEN’S Whitelist form built in Kazm

Forms on Kazm are fully integrated with a member database, where communities can see unified profiles, activity stats, and automatic segments for every submission.

NEOZEN’S unified member profiles & leaderboard in Kazm

In advance of the mint in January, NEOZEN dropped a series of Tweets over a two week window linking to the whitelist and generating significant project momentum.

NEOZEN’S Twitter campaign

NEOZEN saw a large volume of submissions - several thousand in the first few days! We noticed that some of the submissions were bot accounts and acted quickly to implement a CAPTCHA option on the forms to minimize bot submissions in the future.

Kazm’s CAPTCHA feature

The Results

Using Kazm, NEOZEN secured an additional 7,700 whitelist spots for their ALPHA NFT drop. The collection minted over a 7 day window at a price of .02 ETH (now at .04 ETH at the time of writing) restricting supply to 1,100. With Kazm’s integrated data, NEOZEN was able to reward those that backed the project early or were highly engaged with Gold and Premium access.

We’re excited to see what’s next on the roadmap for the NEOZEN Network. Check them out on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest.

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