James Hype & Kazm:

A Revolutionary Fan Engagement Experience

Superstar DJ James Hype is known globally for his electrifying DJ sets, compelling musical prowess, and innovative use of new media. Now he is partnering with Kazm to launch HypeFam VIP, a new membership program that connects directly with fans and rewards them for their passionate engagement and omnichannel support.

James Hype has millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. His shows draw thousands of fans every night all over the world, and he often draws inspiration from his passionate Discord community. However, until now, there has been no unifying solution to enable James to inspire fan advocacy and participation across every platform. 

Remixed Approach to Building Community

Despite building a presence across an overwhelming number of platforms, it's difficult for artists to form a direct connection with fans. James already had a fan club, but it was siloed from the platforms where most fans engage and where new fans discover artists. It was challenging to get fans to sign up and share contact information, and even more difficult to get them to engage in ongoing fan advocacy where new fans might see it, take action, and spur growth. 

“I want to promise the people brilliant rewards and come to them with a huge carrot." James Hype said about the incentivized approach. "I want people to think and say to themselves, 'How can I be there?' And if you can come sit down and have dinner with me, you can’t get that any other way.”

James recognized an opportunity to collaborate with Kazm, whose turnkey, gamified loyalty platform would enable him to create and execute different campaigns and fan-centric experiences across a fragmented fan ecosystem. Kazm allows James to reward engagement and UGC across every channel - from socials to live shows to Discord, effectively turning up the volume on content creation, participation, and social sharing. 

This new membership program would bolster engagement, identify his most passionate fans, and catalyze sales growth for music, tickets, and merchandise, marking a new era in how artists and fans interact and thrive together.

"Kazm has beautifully woven loyalty across digital and physical fan access points,” said Hype. “We can integrate everything from my social media, my store, and even my Discord. No one else is doing this. No one else can do this with such a unified approach that is a first in the industry."

Amplifying Fandom

With the same enthusiasm he puts into his finely-curated sets, James launched the HypeFam VIP program, enabling fans to earn points and rewards for their ongoing involvement in the community. 

The program enables the most dedicated fans to ascend the leaderboard and vie for exceptional perks by participating in high-value actions. HypeFam VIP delivers a dynamic blend of immediate and long-term benefits, from Stereohype merch, exclusive sample packs, and original content to meet-and-greets and private shows with James himself. Fans can also look forward to personalized recognition and digital collectibles while also contributing through UGC and content creation of their own.

"This entire process, from setup to onboarding to reward, could not have been more seamless or easier," James Hype said. "My fans love it. I love it. And I've learned so much about them in ways that make us feel even more truly connected than ever. Seeing how active they are every day with HypeFam VIP is not only inspiring, it's actually humbling."

For the superstar recording artist, producer, and performer, this translates into expanded reach, increased revenue, and a thriving, loyal community. This first-of-its-kind fan membership experience is embedded directly within his website and promoted across socials, Discord, and live events.

The Launch: A Beat-Dropping Beginning

The program kicked off with a bang at James Hype's December 22, 2023, New York City show, where flashing QR codes on the screen and posters throughout the venue allowed fans to instantly enroll by entering their phone numbers. Fans who enrolled unlocked access to an exclusive, unreleased track.

After signing up, fans were challenged with a 12-Hour Leaderboard Competition, with the top 10 winning passes to an exclusive, private event the next day. Interactions soared even over the holiday weekend among a crowd that went hard until the early hours of the next morning. This masterstroke in immediate engagement, setting the stage for long-term fan participation, left James Hype fans asking once again, “Who does this?”

Hundreds of high-quality, authentic images and videos shared during the show not only demonstrated the passion of his fans, but introduced new fans into the mix.

One in five attendees joined HypeFam VIP and validated their identities across multiple channels. James can access and leverage all of this high-value fan data through the member database to communicate more directly with fans, analyze the most passionate members, and identify fans in a specific location.

Engaging the Hype: A Long-Term Strategy

This program and partnership are not just about immediate rewards; HypeFam VIP is designed for longevity. With new social media challenges on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube setlists to discuss, and tracks to consume, fans will continue to earn points and unlock bigger rewards and prizes – from backstage “crew access” for fans who dominate Leaderboard Challenges in cities across the world, to exclusive dinners and experiences at high-end venues. 

The program is set to expand to new cities and venues, growing the community and increasing visibility. It's about building a lasting relationship with fans and experiencing it together, no matter where they are. Incorporating feedback from fans will be integral in shaping future strategies, and Kazm will reward members for that feedback across key channels to ensure that the community remains at the core of growth.

HypeFam VIP has already established a growing membership of highly engaged, passionate fans and will serve as a blueprint for how fan loyalty can be nurtured and celebrated in the digital age. Be part of the journey, engage in the quests, and immerse yourself in the vibrant community of James Hype's fans. 

Join the Revolution.


To further explore Kazm’s platform and services, see a live demo, or get started, visit join.kazm.com.

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