IRL Web3 Perks at DAODenver

Feb 24, 2023


The composability and portability of Web3 is transforming the brand loyalty landscape. This next generation of loyalty will enable members-only gated spaces and experiences along with multiplayer rewards. As brands work to upgrade their loyalty programs, one of the first experiences they want to unlock are members-only IRL events.

Offering a members-only event in web2 was painfully manual, particularly if it spanned many partners, systems, and requirements. You’d need to store membership in some centralized database, verify any additional requirements, send different invitation or ticketing links to different members based on membership tier, share different links with different partners to manage their requirements, and repeat the process all over again for any future event.

In this post, we'll demonstrate how web3 ticketing + Kazm's multi-channel member management can make this seamless offering not only a frictionless member experience but a powerful opportunity to collect 1st party data to deepen member relationships.

Kazm x Unlock for Members-only Ticketing

With Kazm, you can onboard members into your community and verify membership status based on requirements. These requirements can be verified across all of your community touchpoints - Discord, Twitter, Substack subscribers, on-chain, and more.

Unique versions of the form can be used with every partner, and even embedded directly into their product or website. The onboarding experience and member verification can then be linked directly to event tickets via Unlock Protocol.

Here’s what that experience looks like for the brand:

Create a Kazm form with membership requirements → Link the form to your Unlock lock → Optionally, copy & style unique versions for every partner → Share the form with your community

Here’s what that experience looks like for the member:

A member completes your brand’s onboarding formKazm automatically verifies and prompts member to mint their Unlock NFT to serve as the event ticket

Kazm X Unlock member experience

Case Study: DAODenver Tickets

DAODenver by DAOPlanet is one of the largest side events at ETH Denver. Running next week from February 27 - March 1, DAODenver is an immersive conference covering all things DAO - formation, frameworks, governance, and community.

DAOPlanet first hosted the event in 2022. After the inaugural success, the team decided to make this year’s event bigger and better. They wanted to keep entrance free for members and offer highly discounted or free access to select partners. They planned to use Unlock Protocol for ticketing. DAOPlanet used Kazm forms with the Unlock integration to give exclusive access to their events, onboard and verify member requirements, create customized partner onboarding experiences, and link onboarding to ticketing via Unlock.

DAOPlanet started by configuring their onboarding experience with Kazm’s forms.

Member onboarding requirements were to provide name, email, wallet, and join DAOPlanet’s Discord. Members could optionally share their Twitter and Telegram while agreeing to DAOPlanet’s Terms & Conditions.

DAOPlanet’s onboarding requirements

Upon completing the form members are granted a role in Discord and an Unlock NFT that would serve as a ticket to the events.

Kazm’s Discord gating
Kazm’s Unlock integration for ticketing

Different forms can be used to offer a tailored solution for different audiences, use cases, or campaigns. For example DAOPlanet can offer different forms for:

Tailored forms for partners and campaigns

Members simply need to submit their form and mint their Unlock NFT to access their DAODenver ticket.

DAOPlanet’s member onboarding in Kazm
Minting flow via Unlock Protocol


DAOPlanet successfully launched a seamless onboarding and ticketing flow powered by Kazm and Unlock. They expect several thousand attendees at DAODenver this year. This scale of attendees would have been untenable with the manual approach they used last year. Steven Echtman from DAOPlanet shared, “We’re super excited about the increasing possibilities to grant tickets from managed memberships. The work that Kazm is doing with Unlock has been incredibly valuable to DAOPlanet.”

Want to grab your free ticket to DAODenver? Complete this form to check out the onboarding experience for yourself!

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