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In today’s self-expressive and connected culture, where individuality reigns supreme, GWBB (Girls Will Be Boys) emerges as a balanced bastion of empowerment, inclusivity, and community-minded culture. GWBB is more than just an apparel company; it represents a lifestyle. Their clothing is inspired by the “modern tomboy” aesthetic and blends streetwear designs with quality, comfort, and a spirit of rebellion. 

Since its launch in 2020 by Michelle Miller and Lauren Miller, GWBB has connected with those who defy typical gender roles and continues to resonate with those who embrace their strong, independent styles and are unfazed by judgment. In partnership with Kazm, GWBB is set to amplify this ethos to new consumers and take the brand to new heights.

Looking for the Right Fit

For an e-commerce-led DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) brand, the fragmented digital landscape presents both challenges and opportunities. There is no shortage of brands vying for attention across multiple platforms. Three years in, GWBB was ready to pursue new models for growth.

As an emerging brand, GWBB did not have the advertising budget of larger players and competitors in the space. Yet, what they did have was a passionate, energetic community. GWBB identified an opportunity to harness its devout fanbase and leverage the power of advocacy to transform consumer engagement into a growth channel.

"We know that with more niche and focused audiences that are hard to target using traditional methods, existing consumers are likely to know other potential consumers," Lauren Miller said. "So we were looking for a way to unify and enhance consumer engagement. Getting existing customers to spread the word is much more effective than ads or big campaigns."

Consumer activity on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter was scattered, which made it harder to track whether it was driving traffic to its website. The challenge lay in creating a single, cohesive community experience that could reward the most active, vocal consumers to share and make referrals on a large scale, drive new consumer behaviors, and even re-engage lapsed customers over the past few years.

GWBB is a small, nontechnical team without the resources to invest into building even a basic membership or loyalty program themselves, so being able to put together a compelling program in a no-code interface with a highly customized experience was key. Doing so with their aesthetic and a fully-integrated rewards program wouldn’t have been possible before. 

That is where Kazm’s Connected Loyalty approach became their simplified solution for all challenges.

Solution: A Partnership Beyond Boundaries

GWBB was looking to quickly design, launch, and implement a digitally-led program to incentivize high-value actions -- including purchases, social media connections, and advocacy -- to celebrate the modern tomboy lifestyle and build a stronger, more engaged community.

Kazm and GWBB's partnership marks a significant leap forward. Embracing the potential of a connected digital ecosystem, this collaboration mirrors the innovation of LinkTree, albeit with a unique approach. Kazm's white-label solution integrates seamlessly into GWBB's digital presence, creating a singular, vibrant, measurable hub. This platform enables a deeper, more meaningful relationship between GWBB and its audience.

"We really believed in and aligned with Kazm's vision of what 'Connected Loyalty' could do for GWBB and our customers," Michelle Miller said. "The fact that it could embed right into our site, with our branding and customization, was a must-have, and this was the most turnkey, ready-made solution we saw."

Looking Under the Hood: UnderPoints

The UnderPoints program launched earlier this fall, within a week or two of the initial conversation. Members are able to sign in with an email address, which also serves as a sign-up for the brand's newsletter. Anyone who spends $50 or more on a purchase gets 50 points, but the program launched with nearly a dozen quests and challenges designed to provide valuable feedback to the founders and their team, and inspire user-generated content (UGC) on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms. GWBB also promoted the new membership program on its channels as well as directly on its website.

But the biggest source of traffic and new members to date was a campaign that launched and ran during the highly visible period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

GWBB implemented Kazm's "direct-to-reward" feature, giving all new members who signed up over the holiday weekend an instant opportunity to redeem and claim a free pair of GWBB bike shorts, briefs, or boxer briefs. This resulted in a fourfold increase in new member sign-ups compared to the total number of sign-ups since the launch of UnderPoints.

Next Steps and Future

The Kazm-GWBB partnership focuses on long-term consumer relationships, community expansion, and leveraging feedback for continuous improvement, encouraging individuals to embrace and express their uniqueness. While the program is still in its early stages, the team is already gathering feedback, learning more about member behaviors and expectations, and leveraging this rich resource for further growth and innovation.

GWBB’s commitment to authentic, community-driven growth also bolsters and enhances its reputation with a discerning, unique base. This is why its plans for long-term consumer relationships hand-in-hand with Kazm are just getting started, eager to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness, express themselves boldly, and celebrate their individuality.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on how this partnership will reward passionate brand advocates who connect, engage, and share their love for GWBB with the world.

To get started with gamified loyalty and membership programs or learn more about Kazm’s community-building consumer engagement platform, book a demo with the team here.

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