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Powering the Lazy Lions Community With Kazm

Aug 16, 2023

Since launching in 2021, the Lazy Lions NFT project has repeatedly hit exciting milestones. What started as a mint of 10,000 lion character NFTs has evolved to include new NFT collections, IRL events, extensive merch offerings, and major brand collaborations. 

Recognizing the essential role that the community of NFT holders has played in advancing the project, the Lazy Lions team launched ROARwards 3.0, a platform for community loyalty and engagement powered by Kazm. 

Community is the foundation of staying power for an NFT project. While intriguing artwork, clever marketing, or even price speculation can spur early success, long-term growth depends on an active community of supporters. For Lazy Lions, a partnership with Kazm offered an efficient solution to engage the community in unique, dynamic ways in preparation for the upcoming launch of the project’s ROAR token. 

ROARwards: The Lazy Lions Loyalty Program

ROARwards is the membership rewards program for the Lazy Lions community. The original version of ROARwards was built in-house and provided monthly perks for community members. As Lazy Lions has evolved, the project has unveiled updated versions of ROARwards, most recently ROARwards 3.0, which was developed in collaboration with Kazm.

Launching ROARwards 3.0 was a priority for Lazy Lions because of the project’s desire to increase engagement, build community, and provide rewards to loyal NFT holders. 

While the prior in-house system could deliver certain perks to members, its functionality and versatility was limited. The partnership with Kazm for ROARwards 3.0 focused on seamless distribution of rewards points (ROAR Points) for not only holding NFTs but also participating in other parts of the Lazy Lions ecosystem. The upgrade to ROARwards 3.0 also included membership tiers as white-labeled NFTs, gamified quests, and other dynamic widgets like points leaderboards and multi-faceted user profiles.

Having seen the importance of community in the project’s growth to date, the Lazy Lions team saw distribution of ROAR Points as an essential way to incentivize contributions and community activations, especially in light of the project’s future ambitions. 

Lazy Lions plans to launch a ROAR token, and all ROAR Points will automatically convert to ROAR tokens. This made promptly unveiling an updated and vibrant ROARwards 3.0 central to the project’s overall roadmap. 

We wanted to build a loyalty program that truly encapsulated the spirit of the Lazy Lions community, by providing an experience that was both rewarding and fun.

Gamified Member Mechanics

Key features of ROARwards 3.0 include the ability to earn ROAR Points through a range of activities as well as the establishment of point-based leaderboards and membership tiers. 

Quests & Points

With ROARwards 3.0, community members have multiple ways to earn points. ROAR Points are automatically distributed every month to Lazy Lions NFT holders. At the same time, ROAR Points can be won through interactive quests that reflect the playful and interactive spirit of the Lazy Lions community. This allows even non-NFT holders to actively participate in ROARwards 3.0, reducing barriers to entry to the Lazy Lions ecosystem.

Another feature of ROARwards 3.0 is a special one-time point bonus to long-term community members. Kazm’s platform allowed for this type of customized point distribution as the Lazy Lions team could easily assign a ROAR point reward to a specific group of users 

Dynamic Soulbound Memberships

ROARwards 3.0 creates five membership tiers based on total ROAR Points earned. After reaching each tier, users receive soulbound NFT memberships that certify their status and can unlock special perks or experiences. These tier-based NFTs are on-chain and feature custom creative from Lazy Lions.

Community Competition

ROARwards 3.0 also involves an easy-to-use dashboard for community members. This includes leaderboards that show top point earners and provide a gamified experience to incentivize further engagement.

We collaborated closely with the Kazm team to ensure the platform aligned with our branding and community values…The team at Kazm excelled at understanding our vision and translating it into a seamless user experience.

Powered by Kazm 

ROARwards 3.0 is powered by Kazm’s web3 community-building platform. To design ROARwards 3.0, Kazm worked closely with the Lazy Lions team to understand the project’s key needs and brand identity. 

Kazm enabled users to engage with ROARwards 3.0 through a simple interface that was white-labeled to maintain all of the Lazy Lions style and branding. Kazm’s platform also facilitated straightforward no-code implementation of ROAR Ppoints distribution, loyalty tiers, quests, and leaderboards, all of which are visible and intuitive for community members.

On the back-end, Kazm’s platform creates and maintains a fully integrated CRM that allows the Lazy Lions team to view, analyze, and optimize community activations. The platform tracks attributions and automatically creates audience segments with labels and analytics. Using this platform, Lazy Lions can monitor key performance indicators and understand which initiatives are most successful in driving engagement and growth. 

The decision to engage with Kazm was strategic - they had a robust and easy-to-implement system that would simplify our reward distribution process…By partnering with Kazm, we could leverage their expertise in community engagement platforms and utilize their unique features to further engage our community.  

Why Kazm? 

To choose a partner for ROARwards 3.0, Lazy Lions evaluated a number of web3 community engagement platforms, and several factors led the project to identify Kazm as their top choice.

Kazm’s features aligned with what we envisioned for ROARwards 3.0. Kazm was not only functional and efficient but also offered a clear roadmap for future enhancements. This made our decision to choose Kazm a straightforward one.

A Roaring Success  

For both the Lazy Lions team and community, the launch was an overwhelming success. Members quickly took to Twitter to express excitement for ROARwards 3.0, including many who shared their tier status and rankings on leaderboards. 

The response from the community was nothing short of amazing. Our Lazy Lions community was really excited and expressed this all over Twitter, sharing their new tiers and Points they received. Seeing their genuine enthusiasm for the program was a clear indication of the success of our initiative.

By leveraging their partnership with Kazm, Lazy Lions was able to efficiently and successfully launch ROARwards 3.0. In doing so, the project doubled down on the value of its community, paving the way for Lazy Lions to continue building and growing, including with the launch of the ROAR token.

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