Kazm & Exverse:

Launching Into Web3 Gaming

Exverse is an innovative first-person shooter (FPS) game with immersive worlds and innovative gameplay mechanics that take advantage of web3 technologies to build and motivate a community of players. 

The gaming sector is expected to be worth over $310 billion by 2027, creating both opportunity and competition. Breaking into the market requires a dedicated strategy that can capture the attention of new and seasoned gamers. 

With Kazm’s turnkey loyalty platform, Exverse is incorporating cross-channel and gamified engagement into every stage of their growth strategy. From managing their invite-only testing phase to building hype for launch day, Kazm is an essential tool to attract, onboard, and retain players in the Exverse ecosystem.

Gameplay and Community

Exverse’s distinct gameplay mechanics unfold across three planets where players can interact with the game and each other: 

Drawing on web3 technology, players earn tokens for winning battles, completing quests, and contributing to the Exverse community. Tokens can be used to purchase skins, weapons, and other in-game assets, which are minted as NFTs. Tokens can also be exchanged for coupons at major retail partners like Nike, Grab, and Amazon. 

Although Exverse includes individual player vs. environment (PVE) gaming, the founding team sees a vibrant and interactive community as fundamental to the game’s success. For that reason, they turned to Kazm to gain visibility with and draw in users who will be won over by Exverse’s high-quality world-building and novel game mechanics.

Developing a Launch Strategy

Early integration of Kazm’s platform allows Exverse to create more effective campaigns to build awareness and attract new users.

In the pre-launch period, Exverse is using Kazm to award early supporters with access passes to the private alpha tournament, which was designed as a testing phase. With the ability to win rewards that carry over to public launch, this initial step is fostering a core group of loyal players.

“We wanted to give the opportunity of participating in our closed alpha testing to users who have been part of our journey and development,” said Prem Sagar, Exverse’s Head Of Marketing and Business Development. “Kazm helped us award these users with alpha passes, let them test their skills in the tournament, and win a reward to use in our public testing.”

As the game moves closer to launch, Exverse will hype up the release through Kazm’s gamified, incentivized loyalty platform. With Kazm, Exverse can create tailored quests and rewards for players who generate enthusiasm with word-of-mouth recommendations to their friends and fellow gamers on social networks. 

With game maps and weapons developed to appeal to both novice and expert players, Exverse is built to quickly convert people who try the game into consistent users. More players make Exverse’s planets more immersive. And each user brought onto Kazm’s platform can be incentivized to spread the word, creating a positive feedback loop for the game’s growth.

Kazm also meets Exverse’s critical need for tracking activity across social networks. Kazm unifies all user touchpoints into a single platform, providing the Exverse team with better visibility of trends in engagement among their community and target audience. The platform also includes tools to measure campaign performance. 

“We needed a one-stop solution for monitoring the engagement across social media,” Sagar said. “That led us to partner with Kazm, which provides seamless monitoring of our social accounts.”

Enhancing Player Retention

Exverse’s goal is to not only attract players but also to retain them by offering a value-driven gaming experience where time spent playing translates to tangible rewards. This approach taps into the growing trend of play-to-earn gaming enabled by web3.

“Our long-term vision is to maintain retention time, which typically decreases as new games enter the market,” said the Exverse team. “We plan to do that with in-game updates and incentives and through our Kazm-based loyalty program.”

Along with new maps and environments, in-game rewards of tokens and NFTs encourage players to stay active in battles, quests, and community events. At the same time, Kazm can keep players engaged across other platforms. Kazm also provides a mechanism for player feedback that builds buy-in and lets the developers discover new features, create new challenges, and make other refinements to the game. 

“For Exverse, Kazm plays a long-term role as the loyal users will stick around and engage with our social accounts,” Sagar said. “Through the Kazm platform, those users can give feedback and suggestions that will be useful for further game improvements.”


Exverse was built to stand out because of its attention to competitive gameplay mechanics and community-building. With those same elements in mind, Exverse partnered with Kazm to implement a gamified loyalty program. 

Kazm’s platform is the foundation of an engagement strategy spanning from the pre-launch phase to long-term player retention. This forward-looking approach positions Exverse to be a leader in play-to-earn web3 gaming and the burgeoning gaming industry. 


To jump into the action and join quests for Exverse’s early supporters, go to https://exv.io/

To learn more about Kazm or set up a gamified loyalty program, visit join.kazm.com.

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