Connected Loyalty:

Engaging Consumers Everywhere and Anywhere


In sharp contrast with the past, brands no longer dictate the terms of the consumer journey. Most consumer interactions now happen on platforms that brands don’t own, and most of the conversation is being led by others.

Traditional loyalty programs are not designed to engage consumers in this chaotic environment. Focused on the point-of-sale, old-school loyalty is disconnected from where and how consumer activity takes place. Even when brands try to establish a presence on new platforms, their loyalty programs fail to integrate engagement on siloed touchpoints that fragment the consumer journey.

Connected Loyalty is a new paradigm that engages consumers everywhere and anywhere, including on the platforms that brands don’t control. It brings all touchpoints into one dashboard from which brands can use gamification and rewards to incentivize consumers to follow, share, and post about the brand.

Powered by Kazm’s technology, Connected Loyalty is built for dynamic and distributed consumer interactions. It fosters more frequent engagement across platforms, which grows brand awareness. It taps into the most powerful source of consumer trust -- word-of-mouth recommendations -- by inspiring genuine brand endorsement by actual fans. 

Connected Loyalty also encourages user-generated content and consumer-to-consumer interactions that cultivate a deeper sense of brand identification and community. In forging a tighter bond with consumers, Connected Loyalty reinforces product-market fit through constant engagement and consumer feedback. 

Every kind of business can easily integrate Connected Loyalty into their consumer relationships. Retail brands can onboard users with a QR code, and e-commerce brands can use a white-labeled checkout pop-up. Web apps can create a seamless experience with Kazm’s Oauth integration, and creators can use Kazm instead of a Linktree to unify the consumer experience.

Brands may never again fully control the customer journey, but they can be proactive in guiding its path. With Connected Loyalty, brands can build on their existing foundation and turn every touchpoint into an opportunity.

Social Channels: Sharing, Endorsing, and UGC

Social campaigns have become digital billboards; they simply broadcast content to a passive audience. Connected Loyalty moves beyond one-way messaging and leverages the social element of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, X, and Meta by encouraging interactions with the brand. Gamification can also inspire user-generated content (UGC), which is one of the most potent tools for sharing brand endorsements, enriching consumer-to-consumer engagement, and inspiring genuine brand love.

UGC supercharges brand messaging with a mosaic created and shared by diverse users. It brings existing consumers closer to the brand and heightens visibility with new audiences. As consumers depend more and more on recommendations from people they know, user-generated content drives advocacy, acquisition, and growth. 

Cross-Platform: Creative Brand Interactions

Confronted with fragmented platforms, traditional loyalty programs fail to integrate important touchpoints into creative campaigns, and as a result, they don’t reach consumers wherever they are. This applies not only to social media but also to platforms like Stripe, Substack, Spotify and YouTube. 

While brands often create a presence on these platforms, they don’t create synergy with engagement strategies across touchpoints. Connected Loyalty is the thread that weaves consumer interactions together into a cohesive relationship that can build and grow over time.

Offline & IRL: Merging the Digital and Physical

Connected Loyalty captures consumer interaction online and offline, from in-store to live events, allowing brands to make digital and physical engagement complementary.

In offline settings, rewards can entice consumers to establish an immediate digital connection with the brand. For instance, at a brand-sponsored concert, people who scan a QR code could have a secret track by the artist sent to their email, giving the brand a direct point of contact. QR codes in product tags or displays let consumers join a loyalty program in seconds and get instant rewards for signing up. 

Merging the physical and digital also creates opportunities for social sharing, endorsements, and user-generated content, including posts and photos from IRL events. In this way, multiple elements of Connected Loyalty spur positive feedback loops for broader and deeper engagement. 

Consumer Feedback and Collaboration-Creation

Brands can use connected loyalty to incentivize direct consumer feedback, which informs product roadmaps and encourages brand identification. Fashion brands can offer reward points to consumers who vote for styles they want to see in upcoming product launches. CPG brands can use quests to obtain survey responses about product features or packaging. With digital services, fans can get rewards for suggesting new features or even finding and reporting bugs. All of these types of quests can be targeted to collect feedback from specific consumer segments, including the most highly engaged superfans. 

Gamifying feedback is about more than just data. It also strengthens a bidirectional relationship that underpins brand love. Inviting and listening to feedback is part of co-creation with consumers, who gain a growing sense of belonging in a community and participation in brand development.

Bringing It All Together

Brands no longer have control over where, when, and how consumers engage. The consumer journey now encompasses an array of platforms and voices, most of which operate independently of brands. But brands can still shape that journey to drive acquisitions and retention.

Kazm unlocks Connected Loyalty, which activates, engages, and rewards consumers anywhere and everywhere. Kazm’s no-code solution integrates data from each touchpoint and creates unified consumer profiles to guide high-ROI campaigns.

Connected Loyalty is how brands evolve and thrive in the increasingly fragmented consumer landscape. It is how they turn a pressing marketing challenge into an opportunity. 

Ready to see how Connected Loyalty can drive your brand forward? 

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