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Kazm and Ilias
Mar 16, 2023

Web3 communities are taking the world by storm, but managing these decentralized communities can be a challenge. Ask any web3 community what their priorities are and you'll hear some combination of growing their community, managing members, and improving processes. That's where CRMs and operation platforms come in. These tools can help web3 communities supercharge their growth, improve the onboarding process, engage their audience, and automate workflows. We've created this how-to guide to highlight the power of these tools and showcase how to leverage Kazm and Charmverse together.

Before diving into the details, let's break down CRMs and ops platforms for web3 communities.

CRMs (community relationship management), like Kazm, are used for data driven community building. They allow project owners to consolidate member & holder data, offer insights and analytics, measure effectiveness of campaigns, and enable automations. They're most useful when they can provide a unified view of member activity across your community touchpoints.

Ops platforms, like Charmverse, are member facing spaces and help with the day-to-day activities of building a web3 native community. They are used to manage members, offer a space for discussions, and align on compensation and voting as a community.

Integrated Member Onboarding

Building a thriving, engaged community starts with knowing who your members are. The best way to do this is with an integrated member onboarding experience. Here's how you can onboard members using Kazm's forms in the Charmverse onboarding flow.

Get started by designing your onboarding experience in Kazm. You can think of Kazm's forms as a way to establish a relationship with your members with built in tools to survey, verify, and integrate member data. Easily capture all of the information you want from your members when they join your community. The forms are totally customizable and can be configured to:

Kazm’s member onboarding experience

Kazm makes it easy to create a powerful onboarding experience. Once you have the form configured, you can copy and create variations for specific partners, collabs, and campaigns. You can use the embedded forms when you onboard your members to Charmverse. Instead of capturing information and connecting accounts twice, you can do it all with one simple, custom onboarding flow that allows for integrated data, resolution identity, and a streamlined member directory.

Create unique forms for every partner, collab, or campaign

After you've onboarded your members to both platforms in one easy step, here's how you can make the most of Charmverse and Kazm to build community and deepen relationships with your members!

Building your Web3 Community with Charmverse

Web3 communities deserve a community platform that is custom designed for them. CharmVerse, as an operation dApp, strives to serve token communities in their daily activities.

Membership Management

CharmVerse allows users to join or create workspaces that are highly configurable, with tasks, docs, and planning tools arranged with specific attention to users’ experience. Roles and permissions can be customized or allocated to community members with a range of preset workspace permissions modes.

CharmVerse provides the ability to onboard new members based on NFTs, POAP or token holdings. Most EVM chains are supported and multiple gates can be used to configure roles, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Compensation and Bounties

CharmVerse allows for bounties to be attached to any task figuring in a community workspace. Every workspace offers a consolidated view of all bounties available within a community, making it easy for contributors and bounty hunters to have a sense of its available opportunities! Bounties can be paid in a variety of forms, from native coins on various chains to custom tokens.

Decision Making as a Community

Governance is one of the main challenges faced by tokenized communities. Low turnouts in voting events are mostly explained by the lack of transparent collaboration on draft proposals. With the Proposal Builder, CharmVerse makes it easy for veterans and newcomers to build high-quality proposals while engaging the community at a much earlier stage.

Structured Discussions

Outside of casual chats in popular platforms like Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp, there is a need for structured discussions. To ensure that others catch essential discussions, the CharmVerse Forum can be used to create threaded conversations surrounding specific topics.

Data Driven Community Building with Kazm

Kazm unleashes the power of your community with data-driven community building. Our integrated data and unified member profiles can take any project to the next level by powering growth, increasing engagement, and automating workflows.

Kazm’s member database compiles data across all your community touchpoints (Twitter, Discord, wallets, in-app, etc). We label and auto-tag the data for you so you can easily segment and filter to learn more about your community.

Want to know who your superfans are? Just filter to members who own at least 3 NFTs and were active on Discord this week.

Want to know who can help promote your project? Filter to those who've retweeted your project in the past and sort by number of Twitter followers.

Learn even more about your members with our unified member profile that summarizes member activity across all of your platforms.

Kazm’s member database and unified member profiles

To understand engagement and performance across your channels, check out our community health dashboards. They'll show growth and engagement on each channel and who your most engaged members are.

Kazm’s analytics & dashboards

Use our forms to kickstart your member onboarding then create memberships to manage your community. Our memberships work across touchpoints and are kept in sync on-chain based on your tiered requirements. You can gamify engagement with XP and quests to keep members interacting with your community on a regular basis.

Kazm’s managed memberships & loyalty

One great thing about our forms is built-in attribution. Our attribution dashboard measures which members were acquired from which campaigns and calculates ROI through our combined web2 and web3 analytics. Track conversions across each step of the funnel from sign up -> connect wallet -> purchased an NFT (or any other on-chain event).

Kazm’s campaign attribution for end-to-end ROI

To free up time for your team, take advantage of our Zapier integrations to configure workflow automations. The automations can be based on on- and off-chain events to trigger workflows for messaging, notifications, and more. You can create an onboarding task in Asana when a new member joins your community or send a nurture email through Hubspot when someone purchases an NFT.

Kazm’s workflow automations

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