Big Brands Talk Web3 at D2 Summit

Oct 25, 2022

Kazm attended D2’s Decentralized Summit last week in NYC. Unlike other web3 conferences, D2 focused on how traditional brands and businesses (think FedEx, PacSun, Mattel) are leveraging web3. The use cases spanned digital assets, blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse.

These weren’t hypothetical use cases - these tactics have been successfully deployed for supply chain management, brand building, ticketing, collectibles, and more. Here are some highlights:


FedEx started with a specific goal: minimize claims on lost packages. With operations in 220 countries, there are many middle men between supply and demand.  They realized that peer-to-peer networks can reduce costs while improving traceability.

What They Are Doing

Key Insight: To convince the C-suite, think about the value case for blockchain for your business and quantify it. In FedEx’s case this was in terms of a reduction in days outstanding and claims.

“We’re quite confident that blockchain has big implications in supply chain, transportation, and logistics. It’s the next frontier that’s going to completely change worldwide supply chains.” - Frederick Smith, FedEx Founder & Chairman


PacSun wants to be where their customers are and evolve as they do. They realize digital touch points are increasingly important for retailers and aren’t limited to traditional ecommerce.

What They Did

Pac Mall Rats from PacSun

Key Insight: Their web3 efforts are less about revenue generation and more about aligning a brand attitude to their customers.

As we are catering to a fully digital generation, we recognize that Gen Z values community and accessibility more than any other generation, and we joined Roblox to further build that connectivity with our consumers. Considering that they leverage Roblox as a point of socialization, we knew that in order to further our strong emotional resonance as a brand, we needed to continue to build alongside them in the gaming world.”  - Brie Olson, President of PacSun


Following the massive success of Top Shot, the NBA has experimented with web3 for turning cost centers into revenue generators and for re-imagining the seat license.

Cost Centers → Revenue Centers

Re-imagining the Seat License

All-star VIP Pass NFT from The NBA


What They Did

Other Tidbits


Traditional brands are already leveraging blockchain and web3 technologies across a variety of use-cases. Here’s the most frequent advice we heard:

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