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Serving Up a Better Onchain Wallet

With the approval of Bitcoin ETFs and coin prices reaching all-time highs, interest in cryptocurrencies is surging. Despite this, many potential users are kept on the sidelines by the perception that it’s too complicated to safely buy and hold crypto.

The Bento app simplifies crypto with an intuitive and secure user experience. At the same time, the Bento wallet offers convenience and advanced features that appeal to seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

Bento wanted to transform customers into brand champions, so they leveraged Kazm to gamify user-generated content and referrals that could kickstart their launch. Kazm also powers Bento’s loyalty program that incentivizes ongoing engagement to increase retention and customer lifetime value. 

A Fresh Approach to Crypto Wallets

The founders of Bento have diverse backgrounds but share a similar frustration: poor user experience that limits the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies. In response, they developed a crypto wallet with an interface that’s intuitive to people who use traditional banking apps and rich with other features:

Bento knew that the best way to attract new users was by turning their most passionate customers into vocal brand advocates. That led them to Kazm, whose turnkey platform could drive awareness and acquisitions during their launch. 

Turnkey Gamification

Kazm makes it easy to integrate all customer touchpoints so that Bento can track and reward activity in their app and on other platforms, including social media. For each interaction, users can earn Bento Points redeemable for valuable rewards like discounted transaction fees and free gas. 

Using Bento Points, exclusive perks, leaderboards, and special quests, gamification promotes engagement throughout the customer journey and advances Bento’s acquisition and retention goals. 

“We see Kazm as a strategic partner for incentivizing brand advocacy through user-generated content, exclusive community engagement, and consumer feedback,” said Dave Burrells, Bento’s CEO. 

As a quick-moving startup, Bento valued Kazm’s flexibility and code-free setup.

“Kazm facilitated the quick launch of our loyalty program with white-label, embeddable widgets, ensuring a seamless integration that feels like a natural extension of our brand,” said Burrells.

Awareness-Building and Customer Acquisition

Breaking into the crypto space requires customer attention and trust, both in short supply among newbies and crypto veterans. Bento is using Kazm to spur word-of-mouth endorsements that can overcome these barriers. 

“Kazm enables Bento to reward customers for sharing positive experiences on social media platforms, harnessing the power of social proof and advocacy,” Burrells said. “Fostering more engagement across platforms increases our brand recognition.”

Bento Points encourage users to spread the word, such as by leaving reviews in their own words or sharing genuine user-generated content (UGC) on social networks.

“We recognize the effectiveness of UGC in reducing customer acquisition costs and boosting brand credibility, making Kazm an attractive partner to facilitate this strategy,” Burrells said.

Bento can also encourage direct referrals based on personal recommendations, which surveys have shown generate the most confidence among consumers choosing which products to use.

“Kazm incentivizes user referrals, encouraging users to recommend Bento and driving increased adoption of our wallet services,” said Burrells.  

Spurring Consumer Activity With Gamified Loyalty

Bento’s loyalty program doesn’t just support brand building and customer acquisition. It plays an essential role in Bento’s long-term strategy to retain customers and grow revenue from increased activity on the app.

Crypto is littered with projects that briefly captured attention before fizzling out, which motivates Bento’s approach to durable growth from dependable customer relationships. Gamification-as-a-service makes it easy for Bento to create new quests and perks that keep users transacting with their Bento wallet. 

“Kazm's incentivization of spending encourages customers to actively use their wallets, contributing to increased customer lifetime value and platform sustainability,” said Burrells. 

Whether in the app, on Instagram and X, or in exclusive groups on Facebook and Discord, Kazm enables Bento to keep users active and engaged. 

“Kazm's built-in analytics provide valuable insights into user behavior through segmented profiles, enabling us to tailor and enhance user experiences, ultimately boosting loyalty and retention.”

Their loyalty program also provides Bento with a framework for receiving user feedback. Giving customers a voice enhances their sense of connection with the Bento brand while also highlighting ways that the Bento team can further improve the app’s user experience.

The Next Step Starts Here

The wallet usability problem has plagued crypto for years, but Bento’s app has the potential to usher in a new era of convenience and simplicity. Kazm’s platform enables Bento to reward wallet transactions and engagement across platforms, incentivizing both novice and seasoned crypto users. From awareness to conversion to retention, gamification is embedded into Bento’s strategy for scalable and sustainable growth.


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